Gaston Welisch

Gaston Welisch is Community Innovation Practitioner

Project Title: ‘Applying Design Led Innovation to Improve Community Co-created R&D’

Instagram: @gastonwelisch

University of Glasgow IAA

Project Summary:

The College of Arts & Humanities Partnership Catalyst is a design-led and partner-driven Knowledge Exchange programme in collaboration with The Glasgow School of Art. It reverses typically academic-focused approaches to partnership and project development by centering partner, audience, and community needs. It invites partners and stakeholders to identify cross-sectoral challenges and opportunities towards the co-creation of objectives that might be met by Arts  and Humanities research.

The Community Innovation Practitioner will apply design, art and research expertise to the Partnership Catalyst process to: design a robust and adaptable framework for the project; enable clearer understanding of the Catalyst project and intentions; promote knowledge sharing; create an engaging dialogue that will facilitate real-world use of the Catalyst outputs; and assist in establishing sustainability across relationships, projects and more widely the Catalyst as a whole. This will include producing tangible outputs and interactive workshop materials, and developing digital and printed resources that inspire active participation and meaningful exchanges within the Catalyst networks.

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