Alexander Langlands

Alexander Langlands is Community Innovation Practitioner

Project Title: ‘Heritage at Risk: Creative Communities for Sustainable Powerful Places in De-industrialised South Wales’

Swansea University IAA

Read about Alexander Langland’s work on placemaking, collaborative community making and skills development: Putting the making in place-making

Project Summary:

Heritage assets – buildings, landscapes and monuments – are essential to the ways we define the places within which we live. They are the essential components in the narrative of where we grow up, reside, visit and work. But these assets require care and consideration and this can only be achieved in an equitable way by engaging the broadest possible spectrum of stakeholders. With a special emphasis on skills, engagement, civic pride and belonging, our work will explore how we can place-make in a co-designed way, listening to community members, volunteers, third sector parties, enterprise, and government bodies to arrive at sustainable solutions to the enjoyment and celebration of the places that make who we are today.

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