Newcastle Creates Cultural Compacts launches with opening talk from Prof Katy Shaw

Newcastle Creates, the Cultural Compact for Newcastle upon Tyne, launched October 2022 with opening talk from Director of Creative Communities.

Prof Katy Shaw delivered an opening talk about the role that culture and the creative industries can play in economic growth, community pride in place and sustainable social development.

Newcastle Creates has been established as a co-operative – unique among the cultural compacts models across England. It aims to ensure a collaborative approach, bringing people from across sectors and communities together to shape and develop the cultural life of the city. The launch was a celebration of the work done so far and served as open call for everyone who lives and works in the city to have their say in its cultural future.

The event was hosted by Joanna Chapman, Chair of Newcastle Creates, at Neville Hall, and brought together a panel of stakeholders and members of the public to talk about what culture can contribute to Equality, Diversity & inclusion; Prosperity; Opportunity; Place; Health & Wellbeing and Climate in the city. More information can be found in their write up of the launch.

Katy contributes to the Newcastle Creates team as part of her broader work on decentralising cultural and creative industries into the regions, publishing and the Northern Powerhouse, and the role of EDI in creating more sustainable models of working in the creative sector.

More information about Prof Katy Shaw is available via her profile, and you can find more about the programme across our website, but can start with the about section.


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