Prof Katy Shaw, Director of Creative Communities, speaks to META research team in Milan

Prof Katy Shaw visits the META research team at the Politecnico di Milano to give a talk to academics and partnership working experts.

In a recent visit to the Politecnico di Milano, Prof Katy Shaw spoke on ‘Literature 2.0: The Politics of Writing and Reading in the Twenty-First Century’ to an audience of local and regional researchers and industry partnership experts.

The Politecnico di Milano was chosen by Meta to host an independent research programme evaluating the possible opportunities and potential risks posed by the metaverse, as part of a broader European research project.

Partnership working with industry R&D is a key point of interest for the Creative Communities programme, and Katy welcomed this opportunity to speak to current experts and share ideas across nations.

You can find more about the programme across our website, but can start with the about section.


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