The Gordon Brown ‘Commission on the UK’s Future’ launches with expert contributions from Commissioner Prof Katy Shaw

The Commission on the UK’s Future has been chaired by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the Labour Party, providing research-backed and evidence-based proposals for solving the problems caused by the over-concentration of power in Westminster and Whitehall.

The Commission on the UK’s Future was a research exercise and major report that proposed the biggest ever transfer of political power out of Westminster and into the towns, cities, and nations of the UK.

Prof Katy Shaw, Director of Cultural Partnerships at Northumbria University and Director of AHRC Creative Communities, was invited to be part of the commission as an independent member to bring a perspective from the North East, particularly on education, research and development (R&D), and the cultural and creative industries. Prof Shaw said:

I am pleased to see so many of the report’s recommendations focussed on the role of culture in creating a better, fairer Britain and that is nowhere more apparent than in the North East.

The creative industries were growing at four times the rate of any other sector pre-pandemic and culture remains a key area of growth and a brilliant way of fostering skills development, environmental impact, and civic pride in communities up and down the UK.

This ground breaking report features the results of an extensive survey of
opinions from across the UK that has been used to inform policy recommendations and guidance that address issues of devolution, decentralisation and feeling of political isolation or invisibility across the four nations and all regions throughout.


You can read the full report online or find out more about Prof Katy Shaw through our website.


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