Being Human Festival 2023

The Future in and of Humanities: Rhyme Meets Reason?

How are the Humanities important in the future, how can they contribute to the challenges the future will bring, and in what ways can we study the future itself via humanities subjects? 

AHRC Creative Communities Director Prof Katy Shaw spoke at the 2023 Being Human Festival on the role of digital storytelling, and narrative skills in creating more cohesive and inclusive innovation ecosystems of R&D with communities. The session was chaired by Prof Christopher Hamilton (King’s College London), and other speakers included Dr Nolen Gertz (University of Twente), Prof Margaret Topping (Queen’s University Belfast) and Prof Max Saunders (University of Birmingham).

Led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with the AHRC and British Academy, Being Human is the UK’s only national festival of the humanities. It highlights the ways in which the humanities can inspire and enrich our everyday lives, help us to understand ourselves, our relationships with others, and the challenges we face in a changing world.

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