Creative Communities Director Katy Shaw appears on BBC Radio 4 ‘Any Questions?’

Programme Director Prof Katy Shaw was recently invited to appear as a panel discussant on the popular BBC Radio 4 show ‘Any Questions?’ to discuss levelling up in a regional context.

Joining a panel of Richard Holden, Conservative MP and PPS to DCMS, Alison McGovern, Labour MP and Shadow Minister, and Seb Payne, the Financial Times Whitehall Editor, Katy spoke to host Edward Stourton at a special broadcast of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions?’ held at Washington Academy, Tyne and Wear on Friday 1 July 2022.

credit to Katy Shaw LinkedIn page:

Focusing on questions about the government’s levelling up agenda and planning post-pandemic cultural recovery, Katy spoke about the importance of partnership working and R&D in the creative industries, and focused in on the importance of culture in helping all regions and nations of the UK level up together. The event was also an opportunity to talk about class barriers in the creative industries and the need to found new talent pipelines in the UK regions and nations:

‘Any Questions?’ is a topical discussion programme on BBC Radio 4, in which a panel of personalities from the worlds of politics, media, and elsewhere are posed questions by the audience. The show is broadcast from a different location each week, and this episode was hosted by Washington Academy in South Tyneside. One of the unique aspects of ‘Any Questions?’ is that the panellists hear questions for the first time at the same moment the audience in the hall and at home does, to spark dynamic conversations and true to life discussion.

More information about Prof Katy Shaw is available via her profile, and you can find more about the programme across our website, but can start with the about section.


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