Durham Book Festival panel chaired by Prof Katy Shaw

Prof Katy Shaw, Director of Creative Communities, chaired a packed public-facing session at this annual highlight of the literary calendar.

Prof Katy Shaw recently acted as chair for the session ‘Who Are We Now?’ with authors Jason Cowley and Alex Niven. In Who Are We Now, Cowley (Editor, New Statesman) examines contemporary England through key news stories of recent times to reveal what they tell us about the state of the nation. From the election of Tony Blair to the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, the book investigates how England has changed and how those changes have affected us. Dr Alex Niven is Lecturer in English Literature at Newcastle University. His books include New Model Island and he is currently editor-at-large at Repeater Books.

Discussions during the event covered contemporary nationhood, states of political turmoil, the power of charisma in leadership and more across a packed session.

Founded in 1990, Durham Book Festival is one of the country’s oldest literary festivals. Every year the Durham Book Festival invites a range of thinkers, writers and performers to appear. Alongside more traditional author events, Durham Book Festival also commissions new writing each year across all forms.

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